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Government employees set up their own social network

GovLoop DailyAwesome August 19, 2011  For Love ofthe Game:Join the “Sports Enthusiasts”Group What Is a Govie, Anyway? BRUCE MAJORS, Happy Friday! Another week behind us and we are free and clear for the weekend. Hopefully you have a great weekend lined up … Continue reading

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Government contractors lobby to raise debt ceiling

Free “White Paper” on Debt Ceiling Situation Government contractors are facing an unprecedented calamity as Congress and the President have engaged in a high-stakes no-winners game of chicken with the debt ceiling. Failure to raise the debt ceiling by August … Continue reading

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Class Analysis

Say the words “class analysis” or “class conflict” and most people will think of Karl Marx. The idea that there are irreconcilable classes, their conflict inherent in the nature of things, is one of the signatures of Marxism. That being … Continue reading

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