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Oprah not a practice-what-you-preach Keynesian

Why Didn’t Oprah Do It the Obama Way?March 20, 2012 BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: How many of you’ve heard about the trials and tribulations of Rosie O’Donnell with Oprah?  Rosie O’Donnell is a classic illustration of a point that I’ve made … Continue reading

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Long knives out for Ron Paul

The long knives are out for Ron Paul nowthat he is getting too much of the vote.Dick Morris on Fox today said Ron Paul would give Obama a 40 state landslide; Rush said he had a tin foil hat foreign policy; now Sean … Continue reading

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Manning Up!

My sympathies have grown for Julian Assange over the past few weeks, and somewhat by transitivity for Bradley Manning. They seem to have mainly released “secrets” that many members of the ruling classes around the world are sex addicts, embezzlers, … Continue reading

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