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Veterans and tea party anarchists liberate WWII Memorial

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Thorns in the Rose Garden – Obama threatens his opponents with a regulatory black listing

So what Obama really said in the Rose Garden at lunch was: I am going to use unelected regulators who will make ad hoc decisions not based on written law to label people, especially political opponents like the Koch brothers, … Continue reading

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New Poll and Stealing Democracy | Judicial Watch

New Poll and Stealing Democracy | Judicial Watch JW Exposes White House/Department of Justice Working Relationship with ACORN Group Implicated in Massive Voter Registration Fraud With the 2012 elections just months away, the ACORN-connected group Project Vote (and Obama campaign … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize for Economics Awarded to Two Anti-Keynesian Americans

From the Bulldog and Ronin blog: Nobel Prize for Economics Awarded to Two Anti-Keynesian Americans by doctorbulldog What?  You mean Obama didn’t win for his work on the Stinkulus Package??? A Pair Of (Nobel) Aces IBD Failed Policy: The Nobel Prize for … Continue reading

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Obama spars with Tea Party activist

Obama spars with Tea Party activist AFP – 12 hrs ago RELATED CONTENT Ryan Rhodes of the Iowa Tea Party Revolution heckles from the crowd as US President … US President Barack Obama went head-to-head with a prominent conservative Tea Party activist, in … Continue reading

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Would choosing Gary Johnson as a VP allow a GOP nominee to tap Paulista energy?

8/10/2011 GOV. GARY JOHNSON FOR PRESIDENT, BLOGGER CONFERENCE CALL“Gov. Gary Johnson’s Plan for Restoring America’s AAA Credit Rating”TRANSCRIPT Participants: David Baucom, Charlatan Magazine Alan Brooks, Young Americans for Liberty blog Andrew Griffin, Red Dirt Report Claudio Ibarra, freelance blogger Ben … Continue reading

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Demonstrate with the Tea Party Against the First Con-Man in Springfield, Virginia, Tuesday

Demonstrate with the Tea Party Against the First Con-Man in Springfield, Tuesday {Off course, you can bring signs with your own wording} President Barack Obama to Appear at a Campaign Event in Springfield, Virginia. Virginia is highly regarded as a … Continue reading

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Who can explain Obama’s persistently fallacious economics?

The Keynesian basis for Obama’s policies (the idea that giving the feds new credit cards with higher limits at every turn) was refuted long ago, by Say, Bastiat, Mises, Woods, Norberg and above all Hayek (see the business cycle theory … Continue reading

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Barack Obama descended from spooks

Over at the Claremont Institute, the always informative and fascinating Angelo Codevilla spys something interesting in spate of Obama biographies, so we steal it for share/broadcast purposes and your education: The Chosen One By Angelo M. Codevilla Posted July 13, 2011 This … Continue reading

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Obama : ‘Professional Politicians’ Understand Debt Crisis Better Than ‘T…

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