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Is David Gregory a Vegetable?

Well he is kind of pretty.And such a nice $2 million house on Dexter Street in Foxhall he shares with his Fannie Mae lawyer wife.  Just around the corner from MSNBC colleague Andrea Micthell’s house in Kent she shares with … Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann premieres on Al Gore’s Current TV with "Star Wars" themed show

If you watched tonight his audience doubled. It was you AND Al Gore. Of course his competition isn’t much.   Drooling idiot Spittle Matthews on “DeBalled” attempted an analysis of Rick Perry’s body language that was laughably retarded; then cheered Jon Stewart’s smug moronic lies … Continue reading

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David Gregory, food stamp journalist — They Don’t Like Black People

I update this list of major “progressives,” or as I call them, pro-regressives, monthly, who can live anywhere they want who almost always choose to live in all white neighborhoods, and only on rare occasion choose to live in a … Continue reading

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Tea Party protests crony capitalist Jeff Imelt at GE meeting today

yfrog Photo : Shared by

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Some Grace for Eleanor Holmes Norton

Like many gay men, I have a disproportionately large number of friendships with heterosexual woman, particularly self-supporting, single, often highly accomplished gals.  (In my case I have had years where I also had a large number of relationships with similarly … Continue reading

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So you are coming to the 9/12 Tea Party March on Washington?

Herein a visitors’ guide. I will be updating it daily. Please post any issues you want addressed or researched. (For those wanting more info on the 9/12 March please visit the website of the excellent group FreedomWorks at: I … Continue reading

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MSNBC in a tail spin

My neighbor just told me that she heard from our mutual friend whose dad was a Congressman (so maybe he knows?) that MSNBC has detailed staff to follow me and investigate me. Poor things.  Can’t take a widdle bwog.

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