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Told ya so

Told ya so Three observations   1) I (and fellow tea partiers) was smeared as a racist by Rachel Madcow, Chris Matthews, and other leftovers, for warning people coming to the Glen Beck 8/28 rally that some DC metros and … Continue reading

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Socialism in practice

Georgetown Starbucks claims today is slower than usual. Beckestanis didn’t make it this far. But they broke down the metro/subway system at 8 am. System overload, Metro threw the gates open and said just get out, no charge, no ticket … Continue reading

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Beck says no signs, but what about T-shirts?

Libertarians: Meet in the patio outside the Market at Columbia Plaza 506 23rd Street Northwest, Washington, DC, at 8:30 am Saturday. At 9:00 am, we will walk to the Lincoln Memorial. My cell is 512-659-8896 just in case. Click for … Continue reading

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