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Like Feinstein, Media Matters David Brock says guns for me, not for thee

A staffer at left-wing Media Matters for America committed numerous felonies in the District of Columbia and around the country by carrying a firearm to defend the organization’s founder, David Brock, The Daily Caller has learned. According to a knowledgeable … Continue reading

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They Don’t Like Black People — Media Matters edition

Media Matters, the George Soros and John and Tony Podesta funded disinformation site that campaigns for censorship of the media, focusing particularly on cable news (especially FOX) and the internet, has recently started a new branch called Equality Matters, focusing on the cause … Continue reading

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They Don’t Like Black People — November/Jay Rockefeller Edition

I update this list of major “progressives,” or as I call them, pro-regressives, who can live anywhere they want who almost always choose to live in all white neighborhoods, and only on rare occasion choose to live in a gentrifying … Continue reading

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They Don’t Like Black People — October Edition

From MSNBC to the Washington Post to the Democratic Party, the flaks and cogs of the Obama regime all choose to live in lily white neighborhoods.  Even the few people of color among them. I guess running the modern day … Continue reading

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