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NBC’s dishonest coverage

NBC wanted to emphasize the Christian cast of Glenn Beck’s 8/28 “Restoring Our Honor” rally so they instructed their camera crew to film the Jewish guy with the AK47 but to crop out his horns and hooves.

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Andrew Ian Dodge on Honor Beck – Portland TEA Party

Honor Beck – Portland TEA Party My partner in crime (the crime of exposing the fact that Rachel Maddow’s PhD is really from a diploma mill in Oxford, Mississippi, as the poor bitch is dyslexic and never learned to read) … Continue reading

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Thanks gals!

From a socialist Australian pen pal who I have “known” for years: “He writes well, doesn’t he? I don’t align myself politically with Bruce,but he’s never been a racist. He’s a Sweetheart. Gaele xoxo.” Several African American working class women … Continue reading

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Last refuge of scoundrels

For the past two days, I have been attacked on line and on TV as a racist for writing a guide for tea partiers coming to this week’s Glenn Beck rally (or other marches on DC) at my heretofore almost … Continue reading

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