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Lifestyles of the tax predator ruling class – IRS chief John Koskinen

Chief IRS prevaricator John Koskinen lives on Redwood Terrace NW in the upper middle class Colonial Village neighborhood, in the North Portal Estates section favored by high level fat ‘crats, in a house Zillow estimates to be worth $1.8 million.  Though he seems to have … Continue reading

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Dan Bongino for Congress (Maryland)

Here’s the rare case where we will say something nice about someone who isn’t an independent or a Libertarian.  We are however checking to see if there is a Libertarian in the race to whom we will give equal time … Continue reading

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Obama IRS fascists caught in more lies

Emails Show Liar Lerner Targeted ‘Dangerous’ Tea Party  Posted 09/13/2013 @Investors Business Daily inShare Too late now to plead the Fifth? View Enlarged Image Politics: New emails show that the woman at the center of the IRS scandal over special scrutiny of conservative groups’ applications for … Continue reading

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