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How the political class and the media view American tax serfs on the 4th of July

This is funny.  The Onion almost always is, even more than the Daily Show or other tools of ruling class hegemony. But see how they demean uppity tax serfs in flyover country, the way anti-semites depicted Jews in ugly cartoons … Continue reading

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Very inconvenient for the anti-semites that Tim Geitner is not also Jewish…..

Fun fact of the day: Jon Stewart’s brother, Lawrence Leibowitz, became the COO at the New York Stock Exchange recently. So literally, you have a talking head comedian with direct ties to the top of Wall Street putting out messages … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart’s rally — I see White People!

Overwhelmingly white, designer-label dressed, and metrosexual. Asians far outnumbered African Americans, and Latinos and working class people were totally absent. Yale and Princeton sweatshirts outnumbered University of Maryland garb. Afterwards by 1:30 pm it was standing room only and long … Continue reading

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