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I second Maryland Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s advice to Ron Paul

My free advice for Ron Paul: as Roscoe Bartlett said this week, you must explain your foreign policy views. This is especially true since the powers that be now report that Iran is building IBM launch pads in Venezeula. You … Continue reading

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Governor Gary Johnson proposes 43% reduction in defense spending

8/30/2011 GOV. GARY JOHNSON FOR PRESIDENT, BLOGGER CONFERENCE CALL“Gov. Gary Johnson’s Plan for Restoring Fiscal Discipline in Military Spending”TRANSCRIPTParticipants: David Baucom, The Objective Standard, CJ Ciaramella, Daily Caller, Eileen Connors, The Environmental Educator, Joshua Fisher, Rantings of … Continue reading

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Petition for victim of Iranian tyranny

24 Hours to Save Sakineh Iranian authorities could kill Sakineh Ashtiani tomorrow. This July, a global outcry saved her from death by stoning. Now, the Iranian government has issued execution orders based on trumped-up charges — and she could be … Continue reading

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