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Politico ‘breaking news’ report botches Des Moines Register poll results

Politico ‘breaking news’ report botches Des Moines Register poll results By David Martosko Published: 3:52 PM 01/01/2012 | Updated: 2:31 AM 01/02/2012 inShare2 Ads by Google Follow The 2012 CaucusesPick a President, Not a Party Your Voice Can Take America Back! … Continue reading

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The Iowa Caucus onslaught against Ron Paul

As we approach the Iowa caucuses the ruling political class becomes more and more desperate that despite daily non-stop attacks from chattering heads on TV news, Ron Paul remains tied with Mitt Romney in the Iowa polls.  As I write … Continue reading

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Media coverage of GOP candidates

Paul, Perry, Romney, Bachman, Media Breakdown Comparison of Candidate Name MentionsBy pacadmin16 Aug 2011 Below is the station breakdown of Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, and Mitt Romney’s name mentions on the mainsteam media. Thanks to TVEyes. Paul, Perry, Romney, … Continue reading

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