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Why Cain supporters should consider Gary Johnson

Why Cain supporters should consider Gary Johnson Published: 11:06 AM 12/05/2011 | 12/05/2011 By Christopher R. Barron Chairman of the Board, GOProud  Get Christopher R. Barron Feed I was a vocal supporter of the Cain campaign on my frequent “Red … Continue reading

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Which candidate is strongest on the Constitution?

I could envy THAT Constitution! Herman Cain had stage IV colon cancer, surgery & chemotherapy in 2006-2007 but his equipment still worked and he serviced multiple women? Stamina! Herman Cain beats odds against surviving colon cancer View Photo Gallery —  Former Godfather’s Pizza … Continue reading

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Is it Herman Cain’s pattern? Or David Axelrod’s?

All the women coming out to tattle on or malign Herman Cain all sem to have a history of financial, legal, and even therapeutic troubles. Is someone searching legal and property and credit records for bankrupt, bad credit, foreclosed on … Continue reading

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Herman Cain "I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother"

Following Mitt Romney and National Review editor Jonah Goldberg, Herman Cain was welcomed with loud applause as he announced that America has many crises, the worst of them being a leadership crisis. Pausing to ask who the teleprompters in the … Continue reading

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Jonah Goldberg at Defending America Summit

Speaking between candidates Mitt Romney and Herman Cain, pundit Jonah Goldberg told the tea party activists in attendance that they were the unpredicted factor that had changed American politics and delivered a series of one liners “I feel like a … Continue reading

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Herman Cain may not know, but I do

rofl I am on their mailing list to spy on them and I got this Bell Buckle is a town in Tennessee with 300 people in it There is definitely a coordination of the Occupy events from above, to distract from Obama’s … Continue reading

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