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Keith Olbermann premieres on Al Gore’s Current TV with "Star Wars" themed show

If you watched tonight his audience doubled. It was you AND Al Gore. Of course his competition isn’t much.   Drooling idiot Spittle Matthews on “DeBalled” attempted an analysis of Rick Perry’s body language that was laughably retarded; then cheered Jon Stewart’s smug moronic lies … Continue reading

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MSNBC in a tail spin

My neighbor just told me that she heard from our mutual friend whose dad was a Congressman (so maybe he knows?) that MSNBC has detailed staff to follow me and investigate me. Poor things.  Can’t take a widdle bwog.

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By the way, since you people brought up race….

Rachel Madcow and Spittle Matthews over at MSNBC, the Leftover blogosphere, and assorted other mentally challenged peeps made a lot of assumptions about my “Visitor’s Guide” for people coming to the Glenn Beck event: that it had something to do … Continue reading

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Thanks gals!

From a socialist Australian pen pal who I have “known” for years: “He writes well, doesn’t he? I don’t align myself politically with Bruce,but he’s never been a racist. He’s a Sweetheart. Gaele xoxo.” Several African American working class women … Continue reading

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