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Peter Thiel on how technology has saved the Keynesian bubble economy… until now

Peter Thiel speaking before the International Students for Liberty Conference, having won their annual award for Aumnus of the Year, Washington, DC, February 17th. Mr. Thiel is the venture capitalist who funded PayPal, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Spotify and many other innovations, … Continue reading

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Which Strategy Really Ended the Great Depression?

Our Economic PastWhich Strategy Really Ended the Great Depression?Burton W. Folsom Jr.September 2011 • Volume: 61 • Issue: 7 • “World War II got us out of the Great Depression.” Many people said that during the war, and some still … Continue reading

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Obama depression deepens

(Reuters) – The U.S. economy came perilously close to flat-lining in the first quarter and grew at a meager 1.3 percent annual rate in the April-June period as consumer spending barely rose. The Commerce Department data on Friday also showed … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow hosts Obama’s Special Olympics

I realized today that one wee bit of justice in the great depression we are on the brink of is that Rachel Maddow, whose socialism caused this, just bought a $1.25 million condo in Manhattan and it will soon be … Continue reading

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