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Scott Walker Recall – Open Thread

Please give us your thoughts on today’s election, especially if you are in Wisconsin, worked on the election, or see anything noteworthy! Use the  Comments section below.

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Social Security Is Failing Even Faster Than We Thought

By CHUCK SALETTA, THE MOTLEY FOOLPosted 9:50AM 02/14/12 Retirement 2714 CommentsText Size A A A 281516200 In last year’s Trustees Report, the Social Security Administration warned that the program’s trust fund was likely to run out of money in 2036, leading to deep cuts in benefits. … Continue reading

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Obama budget

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Why we should not only not raise the debt ceiling, but should repudiate the debt

We must cut the federal government’s credit cards off. Government expands as much as it can, consuming all resources available unless their is massive resistance, in order to buy votes, allies and power for the tax predator ruling class. One … Continue reading

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Where to cut? Begin here

141 White House staffers make six figures 551 8 Print Comment By Charles Riley @CNNMoney July 1, 2011: 6:22 PM ET NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — One out of every three White House employees makes at least $100,000 a year, according to data … Continue reading

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