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How the failed effort to recall Scott Walker shows why progressives are not fit to be elected, ever

Leftovers on the interwebs are complaining about how Scott Walker allegedly outspent his opponents 7 to 1, and how 64% of his money came from outside the state.Now as we watch Obama raise millions at $40,000 dinners where the donors … Continue reading

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Scott Walker Recall – Open Thread

Please give us your thoughts on today’s election, especially if you are in Wisconsin, worked on the election, or see anything noteworthy! Use the  Comments section below.

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Leftovers desperate and scared: Nader says Tme to Save the Post Office | Common Dreams

Time to Save the Post Office | Common Dreams First they came for our compulsory unions dues used to fund Democratic candidates who support raising taxes to pay us high salaries and pensions for sloppy work. Before you know it … Continue reading

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Greedy Hand in the Cookie Jar: How the Democrats Lost Wisconsin

I just learned how the Wisconsin government unions are responsible for their legislative loss:Republicans could have separated the non-budget aspects of the bill (the parts denying the unions the power to force people to join the union in order to … Continue reading

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Down with Fat ‘Crats!

Saturday’s rallies show us the Orwellian language used by pro-gressives to promote lies about their agenda.  The chant at the pitiful protests the Leftovers are holding is that Walker and other Governor’s are “union busting”  — because they want to … Continue reading

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NEA and SEIU threw an astroturf protest — and nobody came

About 200 people, mainly carrying identical NEA signs, assemble in Dupont Circle, across the street from the national headquarters of SEIU at 18th and Massachusetts Avenue NW.  To protest in support of their tax predator brethren in Wisconsin and against … Continue reading

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