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Obama nixes the pipeline: Jim Taggert call your office

As many have noted the Obama administration acts disturbingly like the crony capitalist regime in Ayn Rand’s dystopian novel Atlas Shrugged. Who benefits from Obama nixing the pipeline?1) China gets the oil, 2) Soros owned Brazilian PetroBras sells us more oil,3) Warren … Continue reading

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Why would Obama nix the Canadian pipeline deal?

Because it increases the power of China and the Arab oil states and Iran? Because it means Green lobby voters and Solar crony capitalists will support him? Or because we will now have to buy more oil from PetroBras? Soros … Continue reading

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George Soros’ Plan for America: He Buys Bad European Debt, You Bail Him Out

Soros Bought $2 Billion Ex-MF Global Europe Debt: ReportPublished: Friday, 9 Dec 2011 | 7:07 AM ET Text Size By: Antonia OpritaDeputy News Editor, Twitter 72 LinkedIn Share About $2 billion worth of European bonds owned by MF Global … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged reviews

This blog entry is a compilation of recent reviews.  I was going to just list links to movie reviews, especially either very good (meaning perceptive, not positive) reviews with some commentary.However the leftover blogosphere has gone retarded, as it does … Continue reading

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They Don’t Like Black People — November/Jay Rockefeller Edition

I update this list of major “progressives,” or as I call them, pro-regressives, who can live anywhere they want who almost always choose to live in all white neighborhoods, and only on rare occasion choose to live in a gentrifying … Continue reading

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Soros fascism

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Soros, Obama, Tedium Tatters say: You shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

You’re an Evil Idiot! Tea Party Patriots are stupid, illiterate, racist, and mean. That is the message being promoted by socialist multi-billionaire George Soros on his new website,  He and his coalition are set to spend millions upon millions … Continue reading

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