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FDA murders 32 Americans

Economists have long produced studies on how having a state monopoly on quality assurance, instead of a vibrant market of competing consumer information providers, keeps new drugs off the market and raises their prices, leading to reduced health outcomes for … Continue reading

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Would AIDS already be cured if we had a free market?

The FDA famously reduces the speed with which new drugs and treatments come to market, and imposes costs and burdens that mean many drugs a never created and many small pharmaceutical companies never even get started.  Only giant corporations can … Continue reading

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Sen. Rand Paul Offers Amendment to Rein in FDA Abuses

Sen. Rand Paul Offers Amendment to Rein in FDA Abuses by AgingYounger in Health Tue, May 29, 2012 follow h:24666s:3299725archived Senator Rand Paul introduced an amendment this week to the bill that would curb the Food and Drug Administration’s overreach and abuse … Continue reading

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