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Obama : ‘Professional Politicians’ Understand Debt Crisis Better Than ‘T…

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Every crisis is an opportunity: using over-spending and deficits to justify eliminating local control

Are more “super-sized cities” coming soon? Posted by Tom Bullington on July 8, 2011 at 2:56pm View Tom Bullington’s blog For years, people have talked about a phenomenon called “suburban sprawl” – what happens when cities tend to blend into each other … Continue reading

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They Don’t Like Black People — Media Matters edition

Media Matters, the George Soros and John and Tony Podesta funded disinformation site that campaigns for censorship of the media, focusing particularly on cable news (especially FOX) and the internet, has recently started a new branch called Equality Matters, focusing on the cause … Continue reading

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TSA: Is the Obama regime just incompetent or are they trying to habituate us to regimentation?

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Soros fascism

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Was Jon Stewart’s "Rally for Sanity" ordered by the Obama regime?

Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner visited Jon Stewart in April around the time Jon’s brother got a new job at Home / Investor Relations / Corporate Governance / Management Team / Biography LAWRENCE  LEIBOWITZ Chief Operating Officer  Mr. Leibowitz was appointed chief operating officer in the first quarter of 2010. … Continue reading

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More fascism from the Obama regime

Big Brother Wants Your Social Network IN: SOCIAL MARKETING 27Sep2010 13tweetsretweet Today, NPR announced  the White House will seek legislation requiring email systems and social networks comply with standards that will allow government officials access to all your Tweets, Check-Ins, Status Updates, Flickr … Continue reading

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