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CPAC exhibitor hall

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CPAC media awards for Loesch and Atkinsson

Accuracy in Media is giving awards to talk radio host and CNN commentator Dana Loesch, who also edits BigJournalism for Andrew Breitbart and CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Atkinsson, who is virtually the only network reporter outside of FOX to cover … Continue reading

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Coulter on Paul

In answer to some earnest young boy’s question about why “true conservatives” should not all support Ron Paul in the Republican primaries, in the Q&A after her main hall talk, Ann Coulter at CPAC2008:“Dr. Paul is a very smart man and … Continue reading

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CPAC schedule is on line

CPAC 2011 Schedule of Events Now Online! The 38th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be held on February 10-12, 2011, at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C. Pre-registration for CPAC 2011 ends in less than a … Continue reading

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So you are coming to CPAC (or the RLC convention)?

Herein a visitors’ guide. I will be updating it. Please post any issues you want addressed or researched. Metro (subway): CPAC 2012 (the Conservative Political Action Convention) and the near-timed Republican Liberty Caucus national convention are both in great DC … Continue reading

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CPAC2012/Can’t we all get along?/I have a spare room key and I am a good kisser

A reader on a Libertarian board on LinkedIn queried me about why I am wasting his time posting information on the treyf and impure hoi polloi among the Tea Parties and CPAC (proving that it is not only pro-regressives and … Continue reading

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Grover Norquist, Libertarian(ish) Machiavelli

POLITICO: Heritage changes CPAC explanation – Ben Smith – Heritage changes CPAC explanation Ben do you realize that none of you reporters who are covering this have asked the obvious question: who benefits? I hate to state the obvious since … Continue reading

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CPAC 2010

10,000 conservatives, tea partiers, libertarians, Ron Paulistas etc all at this conference together.  The number of young people and Ron Paul identified people as grown enormously (I was at the last two CPACs). The Ron Paul group, Campaign for Liberty, … Continue reading

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