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Lifestyles of the tax predator ruling class – IRS chief John Koskinen

Chief IRS prevaricator John Koskinen lives on Redwood Terrace NW in the upper middle class Colonial Village neighborhood, in the North Portal Estates section favored by high level fat ‘crats, in a house Zillow estimates to be worth $1.8 million.  Though he seems to have … Continue reading

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Is it racism that Jesse Jackson Jr. goes to prison and Hillary and Bill Clinton do not?

Didn’t Jesse Jackson Jr. go to prison for this today? Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions Jason Henry for The New York Times Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking at an American Bar Association meeting in San Francisco on Monday. … Continue reading

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Ethics panel moves ahead on Maxine Waters investigation Read more:

Short URLURLClose Email Print The decision is a major blow to Waters. | AP Photo Close By JOHN BRESNAHAN | 6/6/12 1:29 PM EDT The House Ethics Committee will move forward with its case against Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.), continuing its … Continue reading

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Crony Corporatism at Countrywide – Democrat Friends of Angelo

CBS did a Potemkin Village cover-up story not mentioning the huge number of Democrat officials profiting off of Countrywide’s favorable loans: I guess they can’t read or use the internet. (WMAL’s Chris Plante skewered them for an hour the next … Continue reading

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Was Jon Stewart’s "Rally for Sanity" ordered by the Obama regime?

Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner visited Jon Stewart in April around the time Jon’s brother got a new job at Home / Investor Relations / Corporate Governance / Management Team / Biography LAWRENCE  LEIBOWITZ Chief Operating Officer  Mr. Leibowitz was appointed chief operating officer in the first quarter of 2010. … Continue reading

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