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Christine O’Donnell versus the Ruling Class

I spent several weekdays the last 3 weeks in October in Sussex County, the southernmost of Delaware’s 3 counties (Kent and Newcastle being the middle and northern counties).  This was not new territory for me, as Rehoboth Beach is the … Continue reading

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Coons chickens out of all future debates: toe tapping in Delaware

2010’s mid-term elections have seen a number of female challengers to male incumbents observe that these male politicos are remarkably sniveling, whiny, worm-tongued and unmanly.  And indeed many male politicians are:  Congressman Anthony Weiner is one part Barney Fife, one … Continue reading

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Stop a disaster in Delaware Delaware Left Calls Chris Coons A reverse Robin Hood- Delaware News- Senate Race Chris Coons, Delaware News, Delaware Senate Race, Christine O’Donnell, Election 2010, Politics, good government Is Chris Coons a reverse Robin Hood in democrat clothing?  Delaware Left … Continue reading

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Attn. Media and Politicians: It’s All About Palin

Attn. Media and Politicians: It’s All About Palin And media and politicians…we are coming for you. Do you prefer the French Revolution model or the American Revolution model. It’s the only choice you still have time (maybe) to make.

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Christine O’Donnell to be interviewed by Margot Adler on NPR

A teen Christine O’Donnell went on a date with a goth kid into the occult; go on a date with a Democratic Senator you end up dead in the Chappaquiddick, or at the very least with an unwanted, disowned love … Continue reading

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