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Barry Manilow on Ron Paul: ‘I agree with just about everything he says’

Actor Jerry Doyle, of Babylon5 fame, spoke at Ron Paul’s Liberty Political Action Conference in Reno last night.  And at lunch today at the Liberty Political Action Conference, a fairly major Hollywood actress or actor endorses Ron Paul, following  Barry … Continue reading

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Stanley Greenberg to Obama: Don’t campaign on economy stupid!

Dem Pollster to Obama: Don’t Campaign on Economic Achievements Alana Goodman 06.29.2011 – Commentary magazine That advice shouldn’t be too hard to follow, consideringPresident Obama’s economic approval rating is at arecord low. But the president has been touting his jobcreation “successes” … Continue reading

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Soros’s Election Fraud Project

Soros and liberal groups seeking top election posts in battleground states Comment(s)|Tweet Share| |Print Email|More  Billionaire hedge-fund operator George Soros is among wealthy liberal activists who have contributed to the Secretary of State Project, a 527 organization that works to put progressive Democrats … Continue reading

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District of Columbia metropolitan area: Debate Party June 13 Arlington, VA

District of Columbia metropolitan area: Debate Party  Arlington, VA Debate Party  Monday, June 13 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm Bailey’ s Pub and Grille (Ballston Common Mall) Lauren Elizabeth Evans, Andrew Sharp Young Americans for Liberty Join us once again at … Continue reading

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GOP Primary Poll  Over 64,494,000 Votes Cast! Now That Huckabee And Trump Are Out, If The Election Were Held Tomorrow For Whom Would You Vote? MICHELE BACHMANN HERMAN CAIN MITCH DANIELS NEWT GINGRICH GARY JOHNSON RON PAUL TIM PAWLENTY MITT ROMNEY RICK … Continue reading

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Candidate Obama’s Roll Out PR Strategy

When the CIA informed President Obama that, based on information gleaned from waterboarding and other programs and forms of interrogation started under the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld regime, they had located Osama bin Laden, Candidate Obama had to turn what for him could … Continue reading

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