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Take a Stand. Make an Impact.

As the 2016 election cycle continues to ramp up, more and more people just like you are turning to StandUnited to voice their support for candidates.
Right now, we have at least three petitions garnering support for Republican presidential candidates.
If you support Ted Cruz, check out this petition and lend your support to his nomination by adding your name.
Do you stand with Rand? Fret not! There are actually a couple of ways to voice your support on StandUnited. The most recent petition is asking Rand to run as the Libertarian nominee, and another is asking Fox News to allow Rand Paul to debate on the main stage in tonight’s GOP debate. Why not sign both?
Finally, many are concerned that if Donald Trump gets the nomination, the GOP will turn its back on him. If you feel strongly that he is the best candidate for president in 2016, pledge your support for Donald Trump here.
Is your candidate missing from our platform? Start a petition on StandUnited today!

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