FreedomWorks in Iowa

  Dr. Ben Carson.
Carly Fiorina.
Governor Bobby Jindal.
Former Senator Rick Santorum.
These presidential candidates have already confirmed for the Rising Tide Summit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. And Bruce, this is your chance to see them live, in person, and completely unfiltered. This is your chance to hear their vision for America.
Bruce, we need a president who is a true conservative. One who cares about the passions and concerns of conservatives from across the country. And this is your chance to see them up close and personal.

Bruce, while they are the first confirmed, I can guarantee that they won’t be the last. We’ve invited every presidential candidate to the Summit including Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and businessman Donald Trump.  And now you’re invited too. Please sign up today to get your ticket for this great event.
We’ve teamed up with Congressman Rod Blum to put on this event because we know it’s important for you to hear from each of these candidates. It’s our duty as citizens to vet each and every candidate. We can’t count on talking heads or the mainstream media do it. And we certainly can’t trust the liberal media’s debates. We need to do it ourselves. And, that’s why it’s crucial that you come to the Rising Tide Summit to hear them yourself.
Bruce, when the history of this election is written, what will it read? Will it say that the conservative grassroots stayed at home and allowed the media to pick our next president? Or will it say that conservatives did their homework on each of these presidential hopefuls, and picked the one who truly represents the values that they share? That’s why it’s crucial that you get your ticket today to be part of this historic event.
On December 5th, you will see which candidate knows how to get freedom working in this country again.
Adam Brandon
President & CEO, FreedomWorks



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freelance writer at Daily Caller, The Hill, reason, Breitbart
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