Impeach John Koskinen

  It seems like every day some new scandal is breaking about Obama’s IRS. Right now, the IRS is trying to hide emails between Obama and the IRS about the targeting of conservatives. And Obama’s trying to fight it in the courts to keep them hidden. There’s too much funny business going on at the IRS. It’s time to clean house, starting with IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. If you agree, send a message to your representative. Demand that they impeach John Koskinen.
Cover up, after cover up. Lie after lie. And, Obama and John Koskinen think that they’ve gotten away with it. They think that they’ve swept this scandal under the rug. I’m going to hold them accountable. If you’re with me, send a message to your congressman now. Demand the impeachment of John Koskinen.
Let’s show Obama’s crooked IRS Commissioner why freedom works.
Adam Brandon
President & CEO, FreedomWorks

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