FreedomWorks partners with Physicians for Reform

  FreedomWorks is so proud to announce that we have partnered with Dr. C.L. Gray and Physicians for Reform, to fight to return control of your health care back to you and your doctors.
You know, the only people who should be managing your health care are you and your doctor. Not some bureaucrat in Washington. That’s why I support Physicians for Reform, and you should too. Click here if you want to learn more about Physicians for Reform.
We all know that the relationship between doctor and patient is both intimate and special. There is a trust that is formed, one that is centered on you and your well-being. However, top down, big government programs like ObamaCare seek to sever that bond. Progressives believe that they can manage your health better than your doctor. This is not only wrong but despicable. You know it, I know it and so does Dr. C.L. Gray.
That’s why he created Physicians for Reform. They are a coalition of doctors and patients who are fighting to return control of your health care back to you and your doctors.
If you want to learn more about real conservative health care reform then check out my friend’s free-market health care solution at Physicians for Reform.
For years we have demanded the repeal of ObamaCare. For years we have fought for real health care reform based upon the conservative principles you and I believe in. And when we finally repeal ObamaCare root and branch, we have to be ready with patient-centered health care reforms to replace it. Dr. Gray, along with experts from FreedomWorks and several other organizations, has developed a bold plan that would lower costs and increase freedom of access to quality health care. To learn more about their plan, click here.
With you and Physicians for Reform, we can make health care freedom work.
Adam Brandon
Chief Executive Officer, FreedomWorks

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