Sign FreedomWorks’s petition against Obamacare

We are less than a week from a major Supreme Court Decision: King v. Burwell.When the decision comes down it’s going to get crazy. Because the easiest thing Congress can do is save ObamaCare. As I write this some Republicans are working on plans that will save ObamaCare. That is unacceptable. And we need to make sure they know that. And that is why I need you to one-click sign this petition telling Republicans DON’T save ObamaCare right now!

We’re going to hit Congress with messages, phone calls, this petition, and even the kitchen sink if we have to. The Supreme Court is less than a week away from ruling on King v. Burwell, and we have to stop Congress from saving ObamaCare. If the Supreme Court makes the right decision, the progressives’ back-up plan is getting Congress to save ObamaCare’s illegal subsidies. We need to make sure that when the decision comes down, we can deliver hundreds of thousands of petition signatures to Congress. And, that is why it is so crucial that you sign our petition; it’s not hard, it only takes one click to sign this petition. Please tell Congress that freedom will work in our health care system, sign the petition today.

Let’s make freedom work,
Adam Brandon
Chief Executive Officer, FreedomWorks

​Sign the Petition


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