Eric Odom starts uncensored competitor to GoFundMe

Liberty News Network
Fellow Patriots,
As I write this there are 240 Americans who stand with our new and are saying enough is enough. Our new crowdfunding platform plans to take direct aim at GoFundMe, Kickstarter and the rest of their ilk by creating a crowdfunding environment that doesn’t discriminate against Christians, conservatives or anyone else they disagree with.

You need to see this. It will literally change the game when it comes to crowdfunding.

And we need your help. We’re now 88% closer to our goal. We need to hit 100% in order to finish out the platform and launch

Please click here to watch our video, learn more about the platform and support us now.

Thank you to all who have stood with this project!

– Eric Odom

P.S. This project is groundbreaking for the liberty movement. There is nothing like it and WE can make it a reality! Click here to learn more


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