Right On Line

Right On Line is the conference for bloggers and other new and digital media activists and journalists held more or less annually, with varying sponsorships.

I attended the 2011 one in Minneapolis, the last one Andrew Breitbart attended, which had been deliberately and provocatively  scheduled to occur in the same city at the same time as NetRoots Nation, the socialist conference for digital media types.

This year’s Right On Line was sponsored by Americans for Prosperity at the new Marriott Marquis hotel across from the Cato Institute, which got mentioned a lot due to its proximity, although only one Cato employee (Kat Murti) was on a panel.

Most of the discussion were nuts and bolts about blogging or doing investigative journalism (like Ed Morrissy of HotAir.com above), or surveys of media as an industry and a political force (like Sheryl Atkinson’s keynote address).


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