Today’s FreedomWork Call

Mitch McConnell is selling you and me out by giving Obama exactly what he wants!
You and I both know that Obama ignores the Constitution. In fact, his administration is violating the 4th amendment on an almost daily basis. Mitch McConnell is planning to pass a clean reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act, that lets Obama continue his unconstitutional spy program. Unfortunately, it looks like McConnell is going to cave to Obama. Again. 
Bruce, that means we need to make sure 7 swing Republicans know they can’t kow-tow to McConnell and Obama. They need to tell him that your God-given rights must be protected.  They need to tell McConnell that it is time to stand up to Obama.
The Constitution clearly states that the government cannot spy on you without a warrant. End of Story. And it’s time that conservatives defend the Constitution.Call these 7 Republicans right now. Tell them to defend the Constitution.
Let’s show the world freedom works.
Adam Brandon
Chief Executive Officer, FreedomWorks

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