Real Clear Radio on Gentrification


Tune in Saturday, May 2nd to RealClear Radio Hour with Bill Frezza and guests, Professors Lance Freeman and Benjamin Powell discussing the positives of gentrification and sweatshops.
You can listen live Saturdays at 1p or 7p ET on Bloomberg’s BostoniHeartRadio or at 10a or 4p PT on Bloomberg’s San Francisco iHeartRadio.
The Bright Side of Gentrification
Lance Freeman, Professor in Columbia University’s Urban Planning program, separates fact from fiction in the gentrification debate and discusses the surprising response he found when researching two inner city New York City neighborhoods for his book, There Goes the ‘Hood.
Sweatshop Boon
Benjamin Powell, Director and Professor of Economics at Texas Tech University and author of Out of Poverty: Sweatshops in the Global Economy, defends so-called sweatshops as the least bad option for individuals trying to escape extreme poverty and a stepping stone for countries seeking to jump start economic development. Powell recommends conscientious shoppers unreservedly buy products from poor countries so that they, too, can follow the path of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.
In addition to KNEW 960AM & KOSF 103.7FM-HD2 San Francisco and WXKS 1200AM & WJMN 94.5FM-HD2 Boston, RealClear Radio Hour is broadcast Saturdays at 4a MT in Tucson, AZ on 1030 KVOI AM The Voice, 7a CT in Bloomington, IL on WRPW Cities 92.9FM, and 3p CT in Pensacola, FL on 1330AM WEBY; Sundays at 3p CT in Hays and Larned, KS on The Patriot KRMR 105.7FM & KNNS 1510AM; and Mondays at 8p ET on WROM Radio Detroit.
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