Let Freedom Ring!

Repeal. ObamaCare. Now.

That’s it. No more waiting. No more surrender.

Republicans have only been in charge for a few weeks. But unfortunately some media outlets are reporting the GOP may give up on totally repealing Obama’s health care takeover.

That’s nonsense – the American people voted for a new direction in November. It’s time for Republicans to deliver with bold, new policies.

The first should be repealing ObamaCare immediately and replacing it with free market, patient-centered reforms.

We cannot allow Republicans to ignore the will of the people and back down to President Obama!

Sign the petition if you want Republicans to repeal ObamaCare now.
Obama’s health care takeover is dragging down our economy and destroying jobs. It’s time for it to go, and a conservative alternative to take its place.

In Liberty,

Adam Brandon
Executive Vice President, FreedomWorks

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freelance writer at Daily Caller, The Hill, reason, Breitbart
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