Hillary Clinton, Sociopath

Ex-GOP sleuth eyes House seat, Benghazi

I once enjoyed a set that Mr. Begala delivered at a dinner celebrating the wonders of Barney Frank, where he told his funny joke about the similarity of the acronyms BLT and LGBT. He’s not a bad comic, and like Josh Earnest and Jim Carney and other current boy prossies of the Democrats, he’s a prettier little liar than James Carvile, though neither as talented nor as masculine. 

It’s amusing to watch him repeat the Clinton’s SOP misogynist character assassination against Barbara Comstock, where female opponents are always portrayed as unstable. But what Mr. Begala’s barking, from his lily white cul de sac in McLean, really does is make it clear what Hillary Clinton is. With her constant lies (Bosnian snipers, I’m not rich, etc etc) and her obsession with attacking the women who Bill Clinton had molested, in order to protect her and her husband’s political careers, it becomes clear that Mrs. Clinton is a classic sociopath.


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