Democrats on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s Losing His Primary

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s Losing His Primary: No Politician is Safe! [UPDATE: He Lost!]

My old friend Ernest Hopkins, Legislative Director of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, discusses with fellow Dems:

It just can’t be overstated how important the crushing, disastrous, loss of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to Professor Dave Brat is to future of the Republican Party and the short term management of the House of Representatives. The House members fighting for Majority Leader are far more conservative than Cantor which essentially guarantees the death knell to many of the Obama priorities and a wholesale over reach by the Republican leadership. The 2014 elections may leave a terrible taste in our mouthes, and we may be in for a year and a half of horrible rhetoric and inhumane proposals but the stark horror is the necessary preparation for a sea change election in 2016 and a mandate to address the unfinished business of America like immigration reform, tax loop hole reform, electoral and voting rights reform, equity in workplace protections, and common sense adjustments to the ACA post implementation.

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