Tax Protest Day

April 15
Billings, MT


6th Annual Tax Protest

Will have speakers on current issues, Taxes, Obamacare, 2nd Amendment, Article V, etc. Let’s make this a historic rally. Show America you are truly concerned for our future.

April 15
Washington DC

6:00 pm
Tax Protest, U.S. Capitol

Bring your Libertarian paraphernalia!

Join Libertarians, DCYRs, and others on TAX DAY as we participate in the campaign kick-off for Republican Nominee Nelson Rimensnyder’s bid for DC Delegate and his message of “No Vote — No Tax!” And then join us after for beers on the DCYRs!

“No Vote — No Tax” demands that Congress end the unfairness of residing in our Nation’s Capitol and urges them to pass a law exempting DC residents from Federal income taxes as long as they do not have a vote in Congress! It has bipartisan support and Nelson’s opponent Eleanor Holmes Norton WAS in favor of it. But now she isn’t!

Help us send a message to her and Congress that taxation without representation is wrong and if she doesn’t get that, it’s time for electoral change!

We’ll gather for Nelson’s rally on the East Front of the Capitol. After the rally, join us at Tortilla Coast where the first few beer pitchers will be on the DCYRs!


April 15

It’s international Bitcoin Day!


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