Call Congress and Get Yellin’

Rand Paul for Senate 2016


The vote on Janet Yellen’s nomination to succeed Ben Bernanke is scheduled to take place in a matter of hours.

You and I demanded a vote on Audit the Fed to move forward on the nomination.   

But Harry Reid is still refusing to budge on scheduling a vote on my Audit the Fed bill (S. 209).

And he may very well get away with covering up for the Fed’s madness unless you take immediate action.

That’s why it’s vital you pick up the phone and contact your Senators right away and demand they vote against Janet Yellen’s confirmation as long as Harry Reid refuses to listen to your calls for accountability at the Fed.

You can reach your Senators by calling 202-224-3121.

If there is one thing politicians hate, it’s their office phone lines melting down with angry constituents on the other end of the line.

Angry voters can sway fence-sitting politicians so please contact your Senators right away by calling 202-224-3121.

Send them a clear message that it’s inexcusable that the Fed be allowed to escape scot-free for their failed easy money policies that crashed our economy and pinned it down in a cycle of stagnation.

Arlene, only a swarm of phone calls can force the Senate to act on Audit the Fed.

So please contact your Senators right away and demand they refuse to yield to Harry Reid’s scheme to ram Janet Yellen’s nomination though the Senate without voting on Audit the Fed.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S.  After you contact your Senators, please chip in a contribution so I can continue to lead the fight in the Senate for auditing the Fed.

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