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Join Us for a Conference Call This Thursday
Feckless GOP leadership lost the latest battle against ObamaCare, but the fight to stop Obama’s health care takeover isn’t over. And this Thursday, YOU can find out how we keep fighting and eventually beat ObamaCare!
This week, Matt KibbeSenator Mike Lee, and morewill be hosting a national conference call for you.
On Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 8 PM EST, you can call in and here the next steps for our movement following the GOP Establishment’s Surrender.

grassroots conference call1.jpg

ObamaCare is already an embarrassing failure. Jobs are being lost. Health care costs are skyrocketing.
We need a new strategy to stop Obama’s radical takeover of our health care.
Call in this Thursday so FreedomWorks, Matt Kibbe, and Mike Lee can hear from you!
Introducing FreedomWorks University
For all of your hard work keeping Congress accountable to the people in the fight to Defund ObamaCare, FreedomWorks wants to offer you a special gift.
We are proud to announce the launch of FreedomWorks University!
Using your FreedomConnector log in, you now have access to a whole curriculum on economics and Constitutional law that you didn’t learn in school.

freedomworks university.jpg

It’s up to us to teach the next generation of Americans about liberty and our Constitution. If we are going to keep up the fight to stop ObamaCare and take our country back, we need to stay educated on why our principles are correct. And FreedomWorks University is the perfect tool to combat liberal myths.
Write a Letter to the Editor
The time has come to tell our family, friends, and neighbors that ObamaCare’s individual mandate needs to be delayed.
Obama gave a delay to Big Business. He and Harry Reid worked to make sure Congress got a special deal. The Obama Administration has already given over 2,000 special exemptions for ObamaCare.
Why shouldn’t the American people get the same treatment?

letter to the editor.jpg

We need to explain why ObamaCare’s individual mandate should be delayed. The ObamaCare website is a complete mess and people are having enormous difficulty signing up. Even progressives like Senator Joe Manchin, Jon Stewart, and Alan Colmes are admitting that delaying the individual mandate is probably a good idea.
If Obama won’t treat Americans equal under the law, let’s make sure our friends and neighbors know. Write a Letter to the Editor today!
We have the power to shape the conversation and change Washington.


fwot kane nl.jpgThis week’s video features a very special lesson in economics with Glenn Jacobs, also known as the wrestler Kane. Jacbos came by the FreedomWorks office to explain why ObamaCare is destined to fail, why the Federal Reserve does more harm than good, and why the Austrian school of economics is superior to the Keynesian theory.

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