Mike Lee for Senate

Despite the constant barrage of attacks against Republicans, and the Tea Party especially, for “causing” the government shutdown, the American people still do not want Obamacare any more than they did two weeks ago. In fact, the American people demand that their Representatives and Senators in Washington protect them from the vast and harmful effects of this law.
How has President Obama responded to this outcry from the American people?

He has ignored them and allowed the government to shutdown in order to protect Obamacare. Worse, during the shutdown, he opposed bills that would fund veterans’ benefits, life-saving cancer research, and assistance for low-income mothers and their children.
Images of World War II veterans being dishonored by the Obama Administration and locking them out of the monument that was built to honor them is just the most recent example of how out-of-control this Administration has become. 
Unfortunately, these Chicago-style tactics have quickly become commonplace during the Obama Administration. The president’s message to the American people:  do what I say, or else. From the abuses in the IRS to the handling of the shutdown, we are faced with constant examples of what a partisan and unaccountable bureaucracy can do to the American people.
This same bureaucracy that is bullying the American people during the shutdown will soon be running America’s entire health care system unless we work together to stop them.
We need to show President Obama and Senate Democrats that you stand with the people leading the charge to change the way Washington works.
Obama and Harry Reid want Republicans to believe that the shutdown will make them vulnerable to losing re-election next year. But, the truth is that our constituents and supporters are emboldened by our stand, and are willing to show Obama and Senate Democrats that we will not back down.
I need your support to continue the fight to protect the American people from Obamacare and this out-of-control administration.Please commit to chipping in a small donation to help me make the case that our stand against Obamacare will not hinder, but actually help our chances to take back the Senate.
In Liberty,
Senator Mike Lee
Paid For By Friends of Mike Lee, Inc.



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