How the failed effort to recall Scott Walker shows why progressives are not fit to be elected, ever

Leftovers on the interwebs are complaining about how Scott Walker allegedly outspent his opponents 7 to 1, and how 64% of his money came from outside the state.
Now as we watch Obama raise millions at $40,000 dinners where the donors are all either from Manhattan or Los Angeles (or who really live in Italy or France when not working in Hollywood), which he then uses to campaign in the other 48 states, we might wonder if the leftovers know what percentage of their recall effort’s money (and in kind contributions) came from outside of the state.

We might want to point out to them that they are the ones who started the recall effort, thematized it, and nationalized it.

But even aside from all that let’s do some arithmetic, since Democrats have proven they can’t balance a budget or do simple math: if 64% of your money is from outside the state, 36% was donated locally. And 36% of 7 is 2.52. So local Wisconsin residents donated 2.52 times as much to defeat the recall as all of the pro-recall pro-regressives, both inside and outside of Wisconsin, donated.

Once again we see that the products of government schools do not have the basic skills needed to be citizens or function in a modern market economy.  Without government make work sinecures they would be homeless.  Hence their need to organize cartels to exploit the tax serfs.