Senator Rand Paul and the TSA’s little green men

People inside the Beltway have been discussing what happened and what it means that the Nashville airport TSA staff detained Senator Rand Paul, making him miss a speech in DC and campaigning with his father, because he refused the invasive “pat down” groping procedure that he and other people have been protesting for months.

I think the most likely explanation is Sen. Paul’s own.  TSA is a bureaucracy and its management is incompetent. They probably actually try NOT to grope famous or connected people, but every once in a while they slip up.

What’s funny about this incident is that it recalls a pre-TSA comedy about government groping, Christopher Buckley’s novel Little Green Men.  Many people are familiar with Buckley’s novel about lobbyists, Thank You For Not Smoking, having seen the movie based on it.  Little Green Men is a comic explanation of what is going on with all the people who think they see, and especially those who think they are abducted by, UFOs or aliens aboard them.  The plot is that a government agency actually sedates and strips and probes unsuspecting unknown people, Iowa farmers and South Carolina soccer moms, and then releases them, so that they will believe in aliens.  Because as long as a certain percentage of American voters believe in aliens they will vote to keep NASA funded and various top secret military projects can be hidden in the NASA budget.

A problem occurs when the government agents involved accidentally abduct a famous person, a mainstream Sunday political talk show journalist (rather obviously based on John McLaughlin of McLaughlin Group fame).  He becomes a zealot, organizing a million march on Washington demanding the release of all classified documents about UFOs.

Now I don’t think TSA exists to create a budget to hide secret programs in, or even to irradiate Americans routinely for some nefarious purpose.  If that were so it would actually catch a terrorist, or at least a fake terrorist, to show what a good agency it is and how its budget should be increased.   I think it exists in part for security theater, to make it look like the government knows how to do something.  But the real reason for it is to teach Americans to be servile.  To give up dignity and privacy and accept regimentation.  To return to a feudal relationship to government where one hands over one’s daughter (as well as one’s son, one’s spouse and one’s self) to the feudal Lord’s seignorial right to possess her virgin body before anyone else.

I hope Sen. Paul is able to lead something like a million man march against our current return to a pre-Bill of Rights, pre-Magna Carta, feudal relationship to government.

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freelance writer at Daily Caller, The Hill, reason, Breitbart
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