Sunday Round Up of Chattering Monkeys (1/22)

Sunday Round Up of Chattering Monkeys (1/22) 

If you missed any of the “news” you can hear it all replayed on C-Span radio beginning at noon at 90.1 FM in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, or streaming on the internet at

A synopsis of who was on today:

Meet The Press (NBC):  David Gregory, husband to Fannie Mae lobbyist Beth Wilkinson, beats ABC’s Clinton administration chipmunk George Stephanapolous, or at least his bookers do, by lining up both South Carolina primary winner Newt Gingrich, and Governor Chris Christie, representing 2nd placer Mitt Romney.  The Chipmunk had to make do with third place runner up Rick Santorum.  Maybe no one took the Chipster seriously after he spent a quarter of an hour last week interviewing Stephen Colbert.  Christie predicted that Romney would win Florida and raked Gingrich over the coals for making millions as a lobbyist to Fannie Mae. (Gregory’s Fannie Mae lobbyist wife did not come up, as usual.)

Panel with Joe Scarborough, Katy Kay, Mike Murphy, Chuck Todd.  The Dems and RINOs agreed the Newt cannot win a swing state in the general election.

Independent journalist David Gregory
and Fannie Mae lobbyist wife,
dining at the White House

Fox News Sunday:  Panel discussion with what the Beltway will view as a more heavyweight panel than usual, Karl Rove, Liz Cheney, and Democrat Joe Trippi. Cheney complimented all 4 (even Ron Paul) candidates on their and their families’ dedication to a grueling campaign schedule.

McLaughlin Group:  After last week’s groundbreaking diversity panel, with not one but two African Americans (as well as two women) (usually these shows only allow one of each), this week the Group‘s diversity was all in the predictions.


McLaughlin:  Romney will win Florida, and not narrowly.

Pat Buchanan:  the winner of South Carolina (show was taped earlier in the week) will win Florida.

Eleanor Clift:  Romney will win Florida.  (Last week Clift scooped ABC and other news outlets by predicting several days earlier than their reports that Mitt Romney’s tax returns will show he practiced remarkable but legal tax minimization, achieving a de facto low tax rate, and that he has investments in the Cayman Islands.)

Rich Lowry: Romney will will Florida narrowly.

Chrystia Freeland:  Romney will win Florida.

ABC’s This Week with Democratic Operative George Stephanopoulos:  The Clintonian chipmunk made do with interviewing third place finisher Rick Santorum, after last week’s show where he evaded covering any actual news and analysis for as long as possible, by interviewing comedian Steven Colbert for 15 minutes about his announcement of an exploratory committee to see if he should run for the GOP nomination (Colbert “ran” in 2008 as a Democrat).  Santorum discussed Newt’s instability.  But no one ever uses the clinical term, “manic.”  I wonder why?

George Stephanopoulos

The panel:

(Does the mainstream media clone journ-0-lists in a secret Bilderberger FEMA camp?)

Ron Brownstein, looking confusingly like the pudgier, older brother of ABC’s Jonathan Karl;

The Nation‘s Kristina vanden Heuvel, whose wild bang kept sticking into her mouth and nostril as she spoke, even after she brushed it out (hint:  Hammer and Sickle hair barrettes could be in the next of the interminable Nationmagazine gift offerings for donors and subscribers, just as a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book was a year or so ago);

George Will, who has obviously been playing trivial pursuit, the U.S. history primaries and conventions edition, the past few weeks;

spritely mini-Athena Amy Walters, who should be on every panel until November;

and slightly hunky Matthew Dowd.

They all agreed Mitt Romney needs to project more confidence.

(Disclosure:  decades ago I was a summer intern/junior staffer for McLaughlin Group.)


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