What We Saw at the Save Our Schools Rally in Washington D.C.

America in the era of late stage disaster statism is a society founded on forms of slavery, including especially race slavery. It’s right before our eyes and the tax predator ruling class pretends it does not exist, with a window dressing of welfare bennies, affirmative action, and a beige Nixon in the White House.

Yet our political system, our campaigns, and at least one of our major parties, the Democrats, our founded on and funded by the selling of black children, and other poor and minority children, to educrats who in turn give campaign contributions to the Democratic Party. These educrat cartels (perversely labelled “unions” in an outrage against the history of the American working class) imprison black kids in mind-killing brick warehouses from which they emerge 12 years later too often illiterate and unemployable, wards of the state and cannon fodder for politicians for the rest of their lives.

Some of these kids liberate themselves, as an increasingly large number never finish high school. A few lucky ones live somewhere where vouchers, charters, home schooling, or a benefactor, give them some freedom to attend an alternative school.

As the decades have passed and funding for state education has increased and federal control and intervention of all education has intensified, a reaction has begun among the poor and urban families. They have begun to demand charters and other liberalizations of the state monopoly, an education tea party brewing from below and from people of color. Stong black tea.

The ruling class has to find some way to fight this. It’s hold on power depends on limiting political choices through ballot access, incumbency, and control of campaign financing. And selling black kids to educrat cartels is an important piece of the latter.

And so they have appealed to an “authority,” Diane Ravitch, to counter the authority of reformers like educrat-cartel-ousted, former DC public school superintendent, Michelle Rhee.

Ms. Ravitch, said to be a scholar, spends much of time now tweeting (which she calls “mini-blogging”) deep wisdom like:

 “ Diane Ravitch 

It is no accident that “Washington City Paper,” a faux alternative media that serves to create ideological hegemony among the cogs of the Beltway establishment, would promote Ravitch. It’s a hilarious article (link below) and it buries at the end the only thing Ravitch will be remembered for decades hence in an asterisk: she’s the world’s most famous lesbian (former) neoconservative/Bush administration appointee.

It’s hard to be a lesbian in the Beltway world of the tax predator ruling class or its state-funded outposts in media and academe if you are not a statist flak. I have two friends/former friends in DC who are somewhat politically incorrect lesbians in hiding. One, a libertarian, covers national politics for a major American newspaper, and never discusses politics in her column or at events, only when she is safely at a libertarian happy hour. Another raises money for the DNC and worked on Hillary’s campaign and serves as a political appointee in Obama’s State Department. At one event she said to the aforementioned journalist and me: “What does it mean that my two best friends are libertarians?” and proceeded to discuss her cognizance and appreciation of market based solutions and market institutions (she’s a Harvard educated health economist). But these girls toe the line. Only a third of gays don’t vote Democrat and it may be less for lesbians (and more for gay men).

And if one peruses the ranks of educrat administrators and educrat union organizers, Democratic party lesbians are well represented.  The American Federation of Teacher’s president is James-Carville-with-a-coochie Randi Weingarten (now lovers with Obama flak and “Business Forward” gonif Hillary Rosen) and Weingarten is also a Democratic National Committee member.   “Sex and the City” actress Cynthia Nixon’s gal pal Christine Marinoni is an educrat cartel apparatchick.  Ravitch’s wife is Mary Butz, a
long term check casher from the New York City government school system.  It’s a
honey pot, if not a gravy, train.  Even leftover Jewish lesbian moron Sally Kohn has
been writing drivel against Rhee and in praise of government thought control
warehouses over at the Greek gold-digger’s slime site (http://reason.com/blog/2011/05/19/michelle-rhee-fired-on-civilia).

Now if “radical” feminist academic “philosopher” Mary Daly conversed with men
(instead of preaching their genocide) she would deploy her usual techniques of
rhapsody and word-punning (so much more fun than thinking!), she might suggest
I am employing an ugly stereotype of lesbians as child-eating witches, baking little chocolate and caramel Hanselos and Gretishas, and eating them up.  The cultural
reason why lesbians are well-represented among the slave traders in the educrat
cartels might be an interesting investigation, and it probably does have to do with
both motive and opportunity.  Motive — these women may have some womanly
(above and beyond a common human) interest to “help” and “nurture” and
“mother” and are so drawn to teaching, social work, and even activism (which
doesn’t mean they don’t wreak destruction when they use their primitive statist
methods to “help”).   And opportunity — for decades, teaching institutions were
one of the fields women were allowed to work in, and unmarried women needing
to support themselves could find work there.  Like pedophile youth ministers
and Scout leaders, if you want to exploit the kids, you have to hang out where
you can find them.  If such lesbian statist profiteers from the slave trade in black
children don’t like being portrayed as Cruella deVille (or the Mafia) there is a simple solution:  stop skinning Dalmation puppies!  Especially since the unseemliness
involves a group of mainly white, mainly secular, often Jewish, frequently lesbian
political elites denying black and brown children education choice, especially if
they might choose to study religion or forego instruction at ever-earlier ages in the wonders of homosexuality.

(One of the most hilarious examples of faux radicalism and moronicity among lesbian academe was in one of “radical feminist” Mary Daly’s later works.  Daly praised
FDR (and Eleanor) for creating the about to be bankrupt Social Security system,
since it kept elderly ladies out of poverty (by taxing away the savings and
potential real estate downpayments of working class black men, who for
decades died before the retirement age required to draw Social Security).
But Social Security has, for decades, taxed gays and lesbians while denying
survivor benefits to their partners or partners’ children — what kind of
lesbian feminism is that?)

Ruling class politicians and their flaks always use political connections to make
sure that THEIR kids get into better schools.  Ravitch happily gets her grandkids
 into a desirable Park Slope magnet school to which most children have no
access; Leftover cheerleader Joan Walsh boasts on her Salon.com bio that
her daughter went to an elite magnet school; President Obama shells out
$40,000 each in tuition to put his daughters in the ruling class Sidwell
Friends School even as he and Sen. Dick Durbin snatch education
 vouchers away from poor black DC kids.  Even some of my own leftist
DC friends commit fraud, creating fake leases on other friend’s basement
apartments, so they can get their kids into special magnet schools like
DC’s Oyster School, which give preference for admission to people
in the (upper class Woodley Park) neighborhood.

Any honest account of Diane Ravitch and why she represents the definition
of insanity (continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a
better result), would have to ask if her virulent racism was caused by the
strain on her social, sexual and romantic life when she was a politically
incorrect lesbian.

City Paper editors:  will you stop selling black kids to educrat cartels
 for Democratic campaign contributions?

Diane Ravitch, the Anti-Michelle-Rhee

[An alternative view of Ravitch is provided at http://blogs.forbes.com/erikkain/2011/06/24/is-diane-ravitch-a-hayekian/.  The ruling class is not using Ravitch to defend themselves because of any Hayekian insight she may have.]


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