Why we should not only not raise the debt ceiling, but should repudiate the debt

We must cut the federal government’s credit cards off.

Government expands as much as it can, consuming all resources available unless their is massive resistance, in order to buy votes, allies and power for the tax predator ruling class.

One of the paths of least resistance is the undemocratic praactice of saddling future taxpayers who cannot yet vote or who have not even been born with debt slavery.

We must destroy the federal government’s credit rating to end this practice.

Making the federal government uncreditworthy does not make America, Americans, American business, or even state and local governments less credit worthy.  Indeed, it frees up capital now being lent to the federal government for their borrowing.

Governmentista flaks and disinformation agents, including state funded media with revolving door bureaucrat pseudo-journalists, like Time, Newsweek or NBC, use scare tactis about emergencies and the poor.  Anyone genuine emergency can be handled by taxation or conscription — voters will approve it if it is real.  The ruling class knows without its credit cards, the voters will approve many fewer of its allegedly necessary projects.  The ruling class knows that without the credit card, voters will demand the end of Czars, bank bailouts, auto bailouts, entire agencies, White House 6 figure salaries etc when the President threatens to steal Social Security checks from retirees.

Ending the federal government’s ability to borrow would mean that all government projects requiring borrowing would have to be done by states. localities, or regional consortiums of states, arguably more transparent and under more control by the voter.  Any project that actually required federal action would then need public support that would make taxation (conscription etc) possible without the sleight of hand and misdirection of saddling future generations with the cost.

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freelance writer at Daily Caller, The Hill, reason, Breitbart
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