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Atlantic Century 2011 

Two years ago, ITIF published The Atlantic Century: Benchmarking U.S. and EU Innovation and Competitiveness. The report’s conclusion that the United States was rapidly losing ground in today’s global, innovation-driven economy stunned many people. Leading public officials, CEOs and journalists began citing the report in their call for a renewal of U.S. innovation and new strategies for competition. Now, as our nation grapples with how to respond to this generation’s “Sputnik moment,” ITIF will unveil an update of the report. ITIF has added six new countries—-Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey—-to the list of over 40 countries that the United States is measured against. The updated report, undertaken with support from the European-American Business Council, will also compare individual U.S. states against this diverse group of nations. These new features aside, what has not changed is the urgent, difficult, but ultimately surmountable challenge the U.S. faces to regain its leadership as an innovator. Join ITIF for a discussion of the new findings and of how the United States must position itself for enduring prosperity.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
12:00 PM-2:00 PM (add to calendar)

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
1101 K St, NW (Suite 610A)
Washington, DC 20005 (map)

Robert D. Atkinson
President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Chan Heng Chee
Singapore’s Ambassador to the United States

Michael Maibach
President, European-American Business Council

Lenny Mendonca
Director of Knowledge Development, Mckinsey Global Institute

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This event will be webcast live.

What Would Pro-Growth Corporate Tax Reform look Like? 
There is a growing consensus in Washington that now is the time for comprehensive corporate tax reform. Such reform, if enacted, could easily be the most important economic policy decision Washington makes over the course of the next few years and its effects would likely have long term and important implications for the future health of U.S. economy. Please join the American Action Forum and ITIF for a discussion of how corporate tax reform can help drive U.S. economic growth. At the event both AAF and ITIF will be releasing new reports on the issue. Breakfast will be served.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
8:30 AM-9:45 AM (add to calendar)

Rayburn House Office Building 

45 Independence Ave SW 
Washington, DC 20515  (map)


Robert D. Atkinson
President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Ike Brannon
Director of Economic Policy, American Action Forum
Robin Beran
Director, Global Tax & Trade, Caterpillar Inc.
Other participants to be announced.

An App Store for Energy: eKNOW and Data-Driven Innovation for Smart Buildings

The Administration’s new smart grid policy framework and legislation introduced by Senators Mark Udall (D-CO) and Scott Brown (R-MA) the “e-KNOW Act” (S. 1029) are premised on empowering electricity consumers and on unlocking the potential for innovation in the electric sector. But do our expectations exceed current capabilities? What technologies are on the horizon to bridge whatever chasm exists? Does the Administration’s framework and proposed legislation do enough to ensure meaningful innovation in this area? Indeed, is an app store for electricity in our future? Join ITIF for a discussion of these and other questions.
Wednesday, July 20, 2011
9:00 AM-10:30 AM (add to calendar)

Capitol Visitors Center

East Capitol Street, NW (Room SVC 201-00)
Washington, DC 20515 (map)

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) 

Dean Garfield  
President, Information Technology Industry Council 
Paul Hamilton
Vice President, Scheneider Electric

Nick Sinai
Senior Advisor, Office of Science and Technology Policy 

Nicol Turner-Lee 
Vice President, Media and Technology Institute, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies 
Lorie Wigle
Director Of Eco Technology Office, Intel  
Robert D. Atkinson
President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

This event will be webcast live.

ITIF Welcomes Copyright Alert System
Press Statement 

ITIF President Rob Atkinson welcomed the announcement by Internet Service Providers and creators of movies, music, and other content of a Copyright Alert System, saying it could have a significant impact on reducing illegal digital content piracy and advancing the development of quallity digital content.


Innovation Policy Blog 

With an growing focus on how to “win the future,” ITIF’s Innovation Policy Blog is a place where today’s best thinkers offer ideas on how to stoke and capture the innovations that will lead to new inventions, new business models, new jobs, and new prosperity. Proudly centrist and non-partisan, the IPB represents only one ideological passion: support for more innovation. Innovation is the key to success in nearly all endeavors, from the economy to education to energy to transportation and it needs to be at the center of economic policy.

Innovation Fact of the Week  

Net petroleum imports account for 53% of the U.S. trade deficit.
In 2010, the United States ran a deficit of traded goods and services of almost exactly $500 billion. Of this, net imports of petroleum accounted for $265 billion. The nation currently consumes roughly nineteen million barrels of petroleum products per day, while producing around six million barrels of crude domestically. It’s unlikely we’ll close this gap even with increased domestic production, given the technical challenges and long development times of drilling offshore, where most of our reserves remain. The EIA has estimated that even if the amount of technically recoverable oil and gas offshore is three times higher than expected, it would still only yield an extra million or two barrels per day at its peak, and not before the next decade. These amounts, relatively small in relation to total global production, would have virtually no impact on energy prices. If we’re serious about closing the petroleum deficit, we need to invest in transportation alternatives, including biofuels and electric vehicles powered by clean energy.
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Job Openings at ITIF 

Job Openings 
ITIF is seeking a Senior Economic Policy Analyst.  
ITIF is seeking a Communications Assistant.

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