Candidate Obama’s Roll Out PR Strategy

When the CIA informed President Obama that, based on information gleaned from waterboarding and other programs and forms of interrogation started under the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld regime, they had located Osama bin Laden, Candidate Obama had to turn what for him could be a crisis into an opportunity. If he tried to cover up or evade what the CIA had learned it would leak out, and probably during his re-election campaign. So better to attack, capture or kill Osma bin Laden, and take the credit for initiatives created by others — others, like Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, who he had pilloried, smeared, and camapigned against.

There are many curious features of what happened next. Osama bin Laden’s body was thrown overboard in an allegedly Moslem burial, a burial at sea mandated by a religion created by desert nomads. Osama’s identity was confirmed by a DNA match with a cousin who had died in an American brain cancer ward whose tissue was harvested for just such an eventuality. 

It is easy to imagine that the quick disposal of the body, and the alleged biotechnological “identification” (which would produce a match with any Osama cousin or spawn), would leave many Americans, already skeptical of the Obama regime for its constant  evasions, occlusions, and the circus atmosphere of the few documents he has released of those the public had requested, thinking that Obama is again a liar and Osama is alive.

So Obama again produces a media cloud of blue smoke that prevents consideration of our rising stagflation and his continual failure to produce any specific budget proposals or solutions to our debt tsunami.  (A poll released by the Reason Foundation this week indicates that 96% of Americans fear the debt, and 74% favor a government spending cap.)

Notice the slow roll-out of news the Obama administration is producing about the Osama attack. On Sunday night, President Obama addresses the nation. On Monday, White House communications director Jay Carney answers questions from the press about the curiosity of the burial and the compound where Obama was found and Pakistani complicity in hiding him, and says photos will not be released out of respect for Muslim sensibilities. On Tuesday a very composed photo depicting a tableau of a pensive Obama, a concerned Hillary, and many advisors is released; and on the same day CIA director Leon Paneta says the photos of Osama will be released after all. On Wednesday we learn that President Obama will be visiting Ground Zero in New York and has invited President Bush to join him. I predict this will continue until some new event beyond Obama’s control overwhelms it. Candidate Obama is going to ride this as long as he can. As I write FOX News is spending the morning interviewing Secretary Rumsfeld about whether this capture and kill could only have happened because of Bush’s policies on interrogation.  On the ever-stale cup of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC with Nordic ruling class princess Mika Brzezinski, the usual round up of Democratic Party concubines discussed whether the photos of Osama’s corpse or burial should be released: Dee Dee Myers and Ezra Klein don’t have an opinion, but Bloomberg’s Maragret Carlson says they should not, but they may have to be, since we live in a “Conspiracy Nation” of idiot rubes who are not even good enough to be ruled by Obama, Carlson, and the other federal overlords who have charitably agreed to control us for our own good, rubes who demand that the President show his birth certificate or post proposed legislation on the web so it can be read, and who now will need evidence that Osama was in fact captured.

Candidate Obama and his minions were burned by the roll out of the ACORN tapes over a year ago and are trying to learn from the experience.  In the fascinating new book “RIGHTeous IndigNATION,” Andrew Breitbart details his strategy (copied from an earlier Arianna Huffington expose of Bill Clinton) of a slow roll out of the James O’Keefe tapes exposing ACORN and its corruption. The slow roll out kept the issue alive for weeks and kept Obama from controlling the narrative during the imposition of his health “reform” initiative. Candidate Obama’s slow roll out of the Osama tapes, pictures etc is following the same playbook.  Everything about this is a campaign event. The “crisis” of an actual American foreign policy objective being achieved will be turned into a campaign “opportunity” where all attention is taken away from Obama’s fiscal failures for as long as possible.   Obama has switched the debate from his failed economic policies to whether photos will be released.   One might or might not agree with either side about whether Osama’s corpse or photos should or should not be treated with respect — but should they be treated as campaign props?


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