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Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

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Obama Birth Certificate Scam? 2011-04-27 Obama.mp4

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Tea Party protests crony capitalist Jeff Imelt at GE meeting today

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Ray Stevens – Obama Budget Plan

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I don’t see why there is so much fuss about Obama not being at the Royal Wedding; perhaps they aren’t serving coffee.

I don’t see why there is so much fuss about Obama not being at the Royal Wedding.Perhaps they aren’t serving coffee.

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Obama’s Hidden Past

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Atlas Shrugged reviews

This blog entry is a compilation of recent reviews.  I was going to just list links to movie reviews, especially either very good (meaning perceptive, not positive) reviews with some commentary.However the leftover blogosphere has gone retarded, as it does … Continue reading

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Vote for Patrick Mara in DC Tuesday!

Patrick Mara is a socially liberal, fiscally conservative candidate who favors greater school choice. Mara 2011      Welcome!      Dear Bruce,Welcome to Patrick Mara for DC Council, At-Large!It would be a great honor to serve you as a member of the … Continue reading

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Union Teachers Explain How to Push Marxism in the Classroom

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Ludwig von Mises to Ayn Rand on "Atlas Shrugged"

The following is an interesting letter from Ludwig von Mises to Ayn Rand dated January 23, 1958 (shortly after the publication of Atlas Shrugged). Dear Mrs. Rand:      I am not a professional critic and I feel no call to judge the merits … Continue reading

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