Down with Fat ‘Crats!

Saturday’s rallies show us the Orwellian language used by pro-gressives to promote lies about their agenda.  The chant at the pitiful protests the Leftovers are holding is that Walker and other Governor’s are “union busting”  — because they want to deny government sector unions the power to force people to pay them rents if they wish to get certain government jobs.  Rents that are then used to buy and bribe politicians and campaigns, in order to make sure that the elected officials “negotiating” with public sector unions will always take their side in fleecing the taxpayers.  There is no union busting.  Only TAXPAYER BUSTNG and BUDGET BUSTING  by the public sector unions.
The Leftovers are also trying to apply the jargon of middlebrow scribbler Naomi Klein (whose work has all been eviscerated by critics like Johan Norberg), including her bumpersticker phrase “shock doctrine.”  Actually the shock doctrine is a project by Democrats and was planned long ago. They created pensions and retirement plans with luxurious benefits and promises to buy votes, but did not fund them, or in the case of Social Security, actually looted the alleged lockbox to fund other general budget programs in order to buy votes.
Now they expect the crisis they created to shock everyone into allowing them to enslave and expropriate tax serfs even more.
Looks like instead they are going to be rejected at the polls.  They may have to go back to just screaming “racism.”
The notion of shock doctrine is also not the creation of pamphleteer Naomi Klein. She is a plagiarist. It’s from Ludwig von Mises’ book “Interventionism,” where he describes how every failure caused by government intervention (inflation, recession, unemployment, illiterate students, etc) creates a call for more government expansion, which then creates another failure, etc etc, in a downward spiral that leads to poverty, tyranny, and the collapse of civilization as in Weimar Germany.

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