NEA and SEIU threw an astroturf protest — and nobody came

About 200 people, mainly carrying identical NEA signs, assemble in Dupont Circle, across the street from the national headquarters of SEIU at 18th and Massachusetts Avenue NW.  To protest in support of their tax predator brethren in Wisconsin and against any uppityness from the tax serfs.  Communist laughingstock Van Jones was the main speaker.  (After I posted this Glenn Beck reported that the permit applicant for this rally was not even  the NEA, SEIU, or OFA, but by the International Socialist Organization. Lol.)

Most of the protesters seemed to be over 45, like this aging munchkin, and too tired to hold their signs up.  (A few late 20s Socialist Workers Party members ran a literature table.)  See how much empty lawn there is behind the munchkin.  The SEIUers and NEAsters barely filled the inner circle around the fountain.

A very small crowd; SEIU national HQ is building on the left.

Well one of the seasoned citizens managed to hold her sign up.  I wonder if they use that much energy when “teaching.”

They began with a few dozen outside of the CVS drugstore and Bank of America screaming that these corporations don’t pay enough taxes to afford them the lifestyle they signed on for when they became bureaucrats.  Of course they prevent WalMart from coming to DC, so a small tax base is their own fault.
Amusingly the Leftovers themsleves provide more evidence of their pitiful rallies and even whine about it.  Over at the backwaters website AlterNet there are more photos of rallies with 6 people, and a reader who whines:
I’m disappointed that the numbers weren’t bigger for these rallies. 1000 here, a few hundred there, that’s not really going to register with the Right. We need HUGE rallies, and I’m talking MILLIONS of people turning out across the country, not just a few thousand. This needs to be a major movement, not just a few disgruntled people. Folks, wake up. The Koch brothers and a few other mega rich own this country lock, stock and barrel. They have the money to call the shots, and they can use that money to gin up a whole lot of power. We’ve GOT to counter that by millions of people taking to the streets. If it takes a revolution to loosen the grip of the extremist right, so be it. But they won’t let go until enough of us stand up and say ENOUGH! WAKE UP, AMERICA!

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