CPAC2012/Can’t we all get along?/I have a spare room key and I am a good kisser

A reader on a Libertarian board on LinkedIn queried me about why I am wasting his time posting information on the treyf and impure hoi polloi among the Tea Parties and CPAC (proving that it is not only pro-regressives and Leftovers who can get all snotty and pretentious).

And my answer to him was (edited slightly for this posting):

V—– you might want to read about this development over the past several years.

You can find videos from last year in the archives of my Tea Party blog “Tea Party — One Lump or Two?”

The Libertarian Party has had a booth in the exhibition booth at CPAC for years.

Now the Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty do as well, and Ron Paul and his posse (Gary Johnson, Judge Napolitano, Tom Woods and other small-l libertarians) and thousands of their college age groupies attend as well.

Last year the slightly libertarian-leaning (they have some way to go on foreign policy) gay group GOProud had a booth for the first time, and this year they are a sponsoring organization. They have an advisory board with some well known libertarianish conservatives (Grover Norquist, Andrew Breitbart, Tammy Bruce, Margaret Hoover).

Last year some anti-gay conservatives from Young Americans for Freedom demanded (from the podium) that GOProud and gays be thrown out. The small-l LIBERTARIANS (heterosexuals by the way) in the audience, led by Jeff Frazee from Young Americans for Liberty, shouted him down (see my videos).

This year many social conservative groups like the Family Research Council are pulling out of CPAC and demanding that it rename itself the Libertarian Political Action Committee, because it is allowing gays to run about without their leashes. I am very sad about this because from their president Tony Perkins on down to the staff at their booth, the Family Research people, male and female, are hot blonds who look like they are the product of some pro-family action from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. (I also agree with them on a limited number of social topics, from the evil of partial birth abortion to the fascist tendencies of the so-called gay rights lobbies.)

One curious historical note about this turn of events is that the modern libertarian movement formed in part because pro-pot legalization, pro-gay rights, anti-Vietnam War libertarians, Randians, etc were tossed out of Young American for Freedom in the 1960s, taunted and smeared as “lazy fairies” (i.e. “laissez faire” — which raises the question of whether these early YAFfers went on to become writers or associate producers for Keith Olberman or Ed Schultz?)

Now it seems that the anti-libertarians are the ones being tossed out, or rather, running off the playground in a hissy fit looking for their nanny to kiss their boo-boo.

Anyway I will be at CPAC. And I am single and available.


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